Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Bonus

I'm the fourth and youngest of my parents children, and I was not planned. Unplanned children will often be referred to as accidents. My father always say, that I was no accident, but rather a bonus, unexpected, but welcomed with joy!

It probably doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out, that with an arrival just 13 months after our second daughter was born, our third little one, was such a bonus!

I was sitting, with a big glass of red-wine in my hand, when conversation let me to the fact, that I might be pregnant. It seemed quite unfathomable, since I had a baby, only a few months-old next to me! Never the less, I finished my glass of wine, on the off chance that I was pregnant, and yet again would have to give up this sweet nectar, and took a pregnancy-test.....  

So how does one get unexpectedly pregnant you might ask?! .... One doesn't! One just isn't very smart!

Originally I had a paragraph here, explaining the specifics, but my husband had me edit it out - something about how people would know that we, as he so eloquently puts it, do it! We have three kids! I think they already know?! But either way, the point is, that without being very smart, we still got away with seven and a half years together (five of them married), before we intentionally got pregnant. And then another two years, before another intentional pregnancy.

According to my husband, the responsibility lies fully with me (and perhaps the few cocktails I had in me). Something about being a guy, and how you can't expect much from men under such circumstances. A valid point.......

When I look into the beautiful eyes of our little bonus, and she smiles at me, revealing a single perfect dimple on her left cheek, I am happy to take full responsibility! And I can't help but wonder if she was really all that unexpected? or if the universe always meant for her arrival? 

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