Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother Google

When my sister as a one-year-old, pulled a worm out of the lawn and swallowed it, my mother dusted her off, and gave her some water. Today's mother would dust her off, and then rush to the laptop, where she would google "what happens if you eat a worm!?".

This past week I have googled such things as; "dangers of eating flower pot dirt" and "How do you know if your baby farts too much?" (if you read "The Middle Child", you will already know which child ate the dirt!)

Now, what good can really come from online information on eating dirt? It already happened, and if you spend enough time searching, you will undoubtedly find someone, somewhere in the realm of the internet, who will give you reason to be concerned. It's like an enabling friend, who's even crazier than yourself!

I don't know how many Google searches I make in a day, but it's a lot! It will often be little things like recipes, listings, map searches, opening hours at stores and so on. But I have to admit, that many searches revolve around such topics, as the above mentioned, farts and flower pot dirt. I simply can not help myself! I have to know what my crazy friend Google thinks of the matter!
When my husband says, there's nothing to worry about, I will reply with a "but Google said"!  If the pediatrician tells me, there's no need to be concerned, I will still find myself mid Google search. 

I believe that I might have a Google-addiction. I know that it's bad for me, but I still can't stop myself from hitting that search-button. I believe that I might need help!

My next Google search will be for "mothers-who-Google-too-much-anonymous". 

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