Monday, April 23, 2012

It's In The Bag!

I have a confession to make – I spent an obscene amount of money on my diaper bag! (Well technically my husband did, but same difference - right?!)

In this economy, admitting to such a purchase, is slightly embarrassing, but let me just tell you; this bag makes me SO Happy!

This would be the “as-seen-on: brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie etc. –diaper-bag. It smells like leather and it looks like a designer bag.

I don’t have a personal trainer, a stylist or a nutritionist, and I know I won’t ever look like a celebrity mom, but at least I can rock the same diaper bag! And oh how I rock it!  With a big bag like that and some cool shades, then who even notices the floppy post baby belly!

So I choose to reason my purchase with its psychological benefits. I might actually be a better mom simply because of this diaper bag! Come to think of it, I might actually become an even better mom, if I had some Gucci pumps. I’ll run that one by my husband next month……..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Belly Laughs – The naked truth about pregnancy and childbirth by Jenny McCarthy

It’s funny because it’s true!

This book had me crying from laughing. It’s not written by a healthcare professional, but simply by a woman, who happens to have been pregnant. This woman happens to be Jenny McCarthy, who happens to be very funny.

It’s one of those celebrity-decided-to-write-a-book-books that actually works!

It’s a very easy, light read (so perfect for pregnancy brain) and it won’t leave you any wiser, but it will make you laugh! And best of all, it will make you laugh at yourself!

To paint a picture, I’ll give you the names of a few chapters:
Psycho Chick (Hormonal Rage),
Passing Stonehenge (Constipation),
Did a Sewer Tank Just Explode Or Did You Just Fart? (Gas),
Die, Model Bitch, Die! (Hating Skinny People).

Find it online at Amazon US
Find it online at Amazon UK

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

This blog is nothing short of amazing! If you only read one blog, I am not even going to pretend it should be mine, because it should be this one!

My husband came across this blog when we found out we were moving to Qatar. Christy, who writes this blog, lives in Qatar, and is what you would refer to as an “expat wife”. Since I was about to join this group of woman, my husband forwarded me a few of her blog posts about Qatar and about life as an expat wife. We were hooked!

However, it does not matter who you are, what you do or where you live, this blog is so well written, so heartwarming and has the ability to capture moments in life and with your kids, that I have never before experienced anyone able to describe so well. Every single time I read one of these blog posts I both laugh and cry. My husband might kill me for writing this, but he also admits to tearing up every time. It is ridiculous. She is just THAT good!


A few of my favorites would be: "Mind the Gap", "The Age Gap" and "Dad put his what, where?!"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My very first blog post

About a year ago, I got the idea for a blog. I mentioned it to my husband, who before I knew it, had set me up with an account (he’s an IT-guy).

How I got the idea, I’m not actually quite sure. I guess that somehow, between the fact that English is my second language, and that I can’t spell in English or Danish, I thought it would make for a good read! 

It took me all this time to get started, but here we are!

I am not a writer, and as much as I would like to, I probably won’t bring any hard-hitting information to my readers (assuming that I one day will have readers). I will however bring you random thoughts and stories, much like a gossipy friend - a friend who happens to be a quite blunt European!