Monday, April 23, 2012

It's In The Bag!

I have a confession to make – I spent an obscene amount of money on my diaper bag! (Well technically my husband did, but same difference - right?!)

In this economy, admitting to such a purchase, is slightly embarrassing, but let me just tell you; this bag makes me SO Happy!

This would be the “as-seen-on: brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie etc. –diaper-bag. It smells like leather and it looks like a designer bag.

I don’t have a personal trainer, a stylist or a nutritionist, and I know I won’t ever look like a celebrity mom, but at least I can rock the same diaper bag! And oh how I rock it!  With a big bag like that and some cool shades, then who even notices the floppy post baby belly!

So I choose to reason my purchase with its psychological benefits. I might actually be a better mom simply because of this diaper bag! Come to think of it, I might actually become an even better mom, if I had some Gucci pumps. I’ll run that one by my husband next month……..


  1. Do you still like your bag? Any chance you can talk a but more about it? I'm seriously thinking about getting this one but it's so expensive! I have other storsak and like it ok. Is the leather nice? durable? Is it still n good shape after a few months of use? good quality?

  2. HI. Sorry I didn't see this before. I have moved the site to and haven't looked here for a while!
    Yes I still LOVE my bag. It is as high in quality as it is in prize. It looks pretty much the same six-months later (obviously the leather has softened a bit), and I throw it around quite a bit! I had a smaller Storksak before, but have to say, that I'm really loving how much room this one has. It has all these great pockets and make it easy to organize and access all the stuff - and I'm not usually very organized! I really can highly recommend this bag!