Friday, June 8, 2012

Where's my Oprah-moment?!

Setting the scene...
Witching-hour has commenced, the house is in ruins, my husband is running late at work, I'm sleep-deprived, the baby is screaming, the middle-child is putting on her own production of Stomp and the oldest just spilled milk all over the sofa! Now instead of me on the verge of tears, envision this:

All of a sudden the intro music to The Oprah Winfrey show starts playing. Magically the living-room is transformed into a TV-studio. I am on the stage, and there she is! Oprah Winfrey, in all her glory, saying things like "Own Your Power" and " Where There is no Struggle, There is No Strength", all while she and her entire audience, is clapping and nodding in acknowledgement to the amazingness that is me and my motherly struggles!

Before having children, I used to watch made-for-TV-moments like this, and honestly find it all a bit excessive. The majority of woman become mothers at some point in their lives right? - so what's the big whoop!? I'll tell you what the big whoop is .... children are terrible! We love them more than anything, and every day contains moments that make it all worth while. But let's face it, those little ones can be absolute monsters!

Sleepless nights, colic, witching-hour, teething, waiting rooms at doctors offices - it's hard work! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working full-time or part-time - it's hard work! Moments like those are enough to make anyone loose their minds! And I'm sure it doesn't get easier by the time those monsters are teenagers, slamming doors and sneaking beers out of the refrigerator.

Some days you just need someone to tell you, you're doing a good job! Some days, when you're having one of those almost-in-tears-moments, you need appreciation of a magnitude that only Oprah could give you! Nothing less!

So to all you mothers out there: Go kiss your wonderful [terrible] children, and know that Oprah and I believe you to deserve much appreciation. You all rock and you've taken on one of the hardest jobs in the world!    

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  1. LOVE reading your blog, Elisabeth! You are hysterical and completed spot on....I can relate to your every word! Love you guys!